using the word during in a sentence

The three definitions, briefly summarized, would be: 1. During church the child whimpered incessantly. CK 1 268706 He kept silent during the meal. There is no big difference between in and within.. Your question is a good sentence using the word "common". During the second World War roughly six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. 1. The basic rule for using a in a sentence is. These are simply variant spellings of the same word; use whichever sounds better to you. 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Using ‘which’ in a question. : These can rank among the most reliable of sources, when properly evaluated and analyzed. In general, use "Throughout time" and "During the time of" or "During this time". It may be tempting to use the phrase not … A person who teaches at a higher education institution (noun). , There are plenty of stories of how people can suddenly acquire superhuman strength when under duress. A recent study shows that men who saw a lot of television violence as children were about twice as likely as other men to have pushed, grabbed or shoved their wives during an argument in the year preceding the interview. Both these words describe an activity that is taking place while another is happening. It's the perfect word to use during deep dives into the unknown. force or threats meant to make someone do something, The judge overturned the case because the defendant’s attorney proved that his client’s confession had been given under duress. It appears before the predicate to show what the sentence is about, or what performs the action. So do use filler words when you speak, but don’t use them too much. DURING; During indicates a period or range of time (having duration) and is used to say that something happened. Built during the reign of Hadrian, the Pantheon has been described as the most innovative Roman temple of ancient times. , Studies have shown that a person under duress experiences a drastic change in body chemistry. “Can I use ‘while’ at the beginning of a sentence?” and “Can ‘While’ be used at the beginning of a sentence?”, while apparently similar on the surface, are very different questions. Here, a subordinate clause headed by with ends rather than begins the sentence. War is the continuity of policies during peace time, and vice versa. He also elaborated on the large number of legal verdicts and judgements pronounced during the … As the satellite orbits at 650 kilometres above Earth, the FTS is poised to take sequences of atmospheric absorption spectra twice a day, Through the climatic changes, conodont and ammonoid faunae were initially able to recover very quickly, In a declaration issued after the meeting, Home Secretary briefed. In this article, let us explore how to use synonyms and translations in Microsoft Word to find alternate words. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "During" in Example Sentences Page 1. (experienced, endured) " She thought she was pregnant because she missed her period. Examples of Duress in a sentence. The shop will be closed during repairs. See more. How to use during in a sentence. During the long arctic winter, the freezing cold and lack of sunlight deepens the depressive sense of isolation. "throughout this time" or "sometime within this time". (covers, spans) " He experienced a long period of suffering. , I think Claire was under duress when she signed the agreement; she never would have voluntarily accepted those conditions. Then, he breaks the pattern by using a different sentence structure. For example, A dog. During church, the child whimpered incessantly. Example sentences with the word sincere. John is developing better DURING grade 2 : The fact remains that many tend to marry people like themselves, especially when it comes to social rank. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. use "during" in a sentence The American military attempted to train bats to carry small bombs during the Second World War. How to use during in a sentence. He played golf every day during his vacation. Examples of Segregation in a sentence. v. Feminists complain about segregation between men and women in the workplace. He always helps out whenever the need for it arises. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " The country is entering a period of peace. , After her daughter’s long illness, the family was under economic duress, compelling the bank teller to steal a few large bills from the vault. Like with anything else, you could use filler words too much. ; I've only known her for a few weeks. We use during before nouns and noun phrases to refer to when something happens over a period of time. Home; About Us; Services; Blog; Contact Us CK 1 325485 Behave yourself during my absence. However, word processing tools as Microsoft Word has few functions to help in such situations. Source. We use that term pandemic, I don't think we defined it very well. However, there is a proper way of usage of these words that should be followed. A fish. Use shortage in a sentence, make example sentences of the English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "shortage" The city often puts restrictions on water use in the summertime in order to prevent shortagesDuring a time of war, there is generally a … When expressing decades using figures, it is simpler to put an apostrophe before the incomplete numeral and no apostrophe between the number and the s. Example: During the '80s and '90s, the U.S. economy grew. Obviously, a word used this often must be very important to the speakers of the language. Used to expresses the idea that something was an old habit that stopped in the past. 94 one-word prepositions and 56 complex prepositions; 400 example sentences; 200 quiz questions, with answers; illustrated; immediate download to your computer; read on your computer or print out on paper; runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android; Prepositions of Place: at, in, on A description of a person considered intelligent in regard to theoretical and abstract thinking (adjective). , The vet said Scampi was licking her nose because she was stressed out, but I didn’t think she had been under any duress. We live in the country during the summer. This word is used to show something as being intensified. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Example sentences with the word during. All the passengers got seasick during the storm. A good sentence to use this word in is, during the depression there was a veritable spike in negative attitudes. The most recent Booker boomlet began at the end of the summer, During construction, many men, indentured servants in the beginning, were blown apart, The mare should be haltered and facing the foal, Several Provoke photographers were children, Lion attack In 1872, Massarti the Lion Tamer was attacked by Tyrant the Lion, None of the hoopla seemed to have fazed the Iranian president, who loves to bask in controversy, Cpl.

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