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Faux stone panels and siding offer a versatile, cost-effective and beautiful way to add pizzazz and sparkle to your design project, indoors or out. for pricing and availability. Rundle Ridge. Faux stone fence panels are manufactured stone with a real stone look, tested to withstand wind, UV light, hot and cold weather. GenStone Proline products in Canada do require starter strips. GenStone has developed a unique faux stone and brick veneer for Canada. Learn why more and more consumers are turning to DIY faux stone. Model #LAG-2436-WH. As exterior use faux stone siding , our panels are certificated by ASTM-G155 uv resistant and ASTM-E330 wind resistant test . 7 watching. US $25.00-$60.00 / Square Meter. Large expanses of wall can be covered with faux stone wall panels to make them look like they have been made from real stone. Faux stone veneer panels are often as large as 2-foot by 4-foot, even ranging up to 4-foot by 8-foot in some instances. GenStone is tested and engineered specifically for interior or exterior applications and provides added value unmatched by the competition. Panels vs Pieces. Faux stone never has mineral content. Sahara . NEU faux concrete panel is designed to replace the heavy concrete block. Perfect for curb appeal,Exteriors or Interiors.Build stone and brick accent walls with … There are many benefits when choosing a stone veneer to clad the façade of your home, reface a tired fireplace, create a faux stone interior wall or exterior accent wall or clad a landscape wall. There is no reason to compromise on look when you have so many choices of stone paneling for your residential and commercial walls, indoor … Cozylkx 3D Self Adhesive Foam Wall Panels, 10 Tiles Cover 57 sq feet, Peel and Stick Brick Wallpaper for Living Room Bedroom Wall Decoration . Model #LAG-2436-CE. Stacked Stone Stratford comes in a deep sable brown with an elegant exchange of auburn and beige tones. Order online today! Faux Stone Sheets is a manufacturer of the most durable and realistic faux stone panels, faux brick panels, and rustic faux wood panels. Manufactured stone veneer makes a beautiful complement to wood, vinyl or aluminum siding, though some homeowners use it to cover an entire exterior surface, the same way it’s done with brick veneer siding. Stacked Stone Keystone is a beautiful shade of charcoal blue-green accentuated with burgundy and beige tones. Installing Faux Stone Inside. They are cheap and easy to install.That´s the reason why a lot of designers choose them to achieve a perfect coating for all their clients, especially if what they need is a restaurant or a retail shop. Faux stone panels are a manufactured stone which is often more economical and typically lighter with a wider variety of colours and textures to meet the needs of the user. ... GenStone G2 Exterior 0.44-sq ft Beige Faux Stone Veneer. ft. These strips can be purchased at your local hardware store. Class A Fire Rated Faux Stone Siding Panel Finished Cappuccino Looking to transform your project or make Looking to transform your project or make it stand out? As you research a comparable manufactured or faux stone siding product you may find that there are many more advantages to making one of these alternative building product choices the one for your exterior stone siding project. All panels receive 12 coats of meticulously hand painted details, which results in little to no repetition. Sep 3, 2018 - Explore Lora Schasel's board "Stone veneer exterior" on Pinterest. Iron Ore Stacked Stone Pillars consist of a a deep, rich gray with hints of softer gray throughout. Try it for Yourself! I would definitely... How do I measure and buy the right amount? If you love the nostalgic look of a stone home but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend, exterior stacked stone veneers may be the best solution for your home. However, you do need to specifically look for a fire-rated product because not all faux stone is rated for fire. Deep rich grey almost black in color, highlighted with tones of dark grey to accent. Our stone series are available in 4 ft x 8 ft panels, 32 sq ft of material per panel that can be put up in a matter of minutes and doesn't require any type of special substrate or mortar. This option is much lighter than real stone and easier to cut, but the color is known to fade over time. DURANGO Faux Stone Veneer Wall Panels - Sedona $144.00 $150.00 Beautiful Stacked Stone Wall Panel's are made of high strength polyurethane resin which … Some faux stone veneer panels are fire-rated, which may surprise some consumers since the product is made of foam. Find My Store. There are 5 unique molds that make up the Lightning Ridge Panel. Lighter than natural stone limestone, ledgestone or fieldstone. Choosing a faux stone siding over a natural stone product often comes down to budget. Starter strips are not required for installing US Genstone products. This will be the number pieces needed. Item #1413872. Faux Stone Panel Fire Rating . Call us 1-844-703- 5373; Sign in Compare (0) Search. Blooming Wall Faux Stone Brick Wall Mural Wallpaper Vinyl for Livingroom Bedroom, 20.8 In32.8 Ft=57 Sq.ft. No maintenance and easy to clean. Easy installation make everyone refresh their home by themselves . Faux Polyurethane Stone Siding Panel - Stacked Stone Walnut Brown. Find Faux stone veneer Panel stone veneer at Lowe's today. Choosing Stone Veneer Panels If you would like to install faux stone panels to the exterior, or interior, of your home, AZ Faux Beams has a wide selection of high-quality panels available for you. They are convenient and can be used in places where it would be impossible to use real bricks or stone. Brick Veneer And Stone Veneer Siding For Less. NST Class A Fire Rated Urethane Interlocking Stack Stone Panel Tritan BP - Earth Valley Faux Stone wall Tritan BP - Earth Valley Faux Stone wall covering/siding brings beautiful 3-dimensional texture to any project.

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