bluesound node 2i dac quality

I have not heard the power node but it could make for a great small rocking system. Also, I read the Node 2i might have a better "computer" with less jitter than the N100, faster processor and more RAM and wondered if that would improve sound quality … It was truly as easy as it gets to hook up to my HiFi system. I have had a stereo 2 channel music system in my life since I was 15. The sound quality is stunning and it's an ideal way of updating an older classic stereo system to the digital age. This isn’t just another component that brings new content (streaming) to your gear. Rather, if you are looking for an all in one streaming solution that A: will not break the bank B: offer tremendous ease of use C: looks nice and sounds fantastic D: Will act as a hub for music throughout your house if you desire and E: Includes a really good dac built in then read on and find out about what is my top pick for a music streamer well under $1000. Thank you. How times have changed for Audiophiles! Hab Forum Resident. I have a highly trained ear for this stuff. (FYI: all three boxes were connected to the Yamaha via variable-level analog outputs using identical audiophile-grade cables to allow for proper volume matching and to patronize the devices’ own DACs.). I couldn’t make a direct A/B comparison because I didn’t have a Sonos Amp on hand. I am a crazy audio nerd. It’s really nice to have. The Node 2i has this same effect in my system. Do you have a audiophile CD player that you can recommend and that is not breaking the bank. The NODE 2i has enhanced dual band Wi-Fi which provides best-in-class performance even in crowded airspace. How they stack up: Bluesound Node 2i deserves to sit atop the pack, with the Russound MBX-PRE in the middle and the Sonos Port at the bottom. My Camera of the Year 2020. The Bluesound is great as well, but the Zen offers me just a little more. Bass and treble are rendered expertly, with plenty of gusto. I can confirm it’s a great piece of kit. My $750 modded Sonos Connect is fantastic but it doesn’t have quite the same wide open flow as the Node 2i. Some would not be able to hear the difference, others would easily. I am running mine into a $35k system and it sounds glorious into my external DAC. It’s gone through several versions from what I understand and today it is solid, glitch free and fast as all can be. What HiFi had an interesting review of it vs. the Bluesound. For the most part, it sounded similar to the $750 modded Sonos Connect. I feel like my ears are adjusting to this new sound and the more I hear it, the more I like it. It looks nicer, feels nicer, has a slicker app (imo) and can stream High Res into my Vinnie Rossi L2 Dac. You can get better but for a lot more money. The reason why is not because I feel it is better than other options that are more costly, it’s just that it sounds RIGHT to me and in audio, what you do not know can never cost you. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by wingram, Jul 5 ... Main focuses are sound quality and ease of use by my wife... wingram, Jul 5, 2019 #4. For anybody looking to upgrade from a Node 2i to something much more expensive for streaming only I would reconsider because you will most likely be disappointed. Remember when I said I have been at this since I was 15? You can find a slew of well then care of use HiFi and there are tons of CD players there. Same system, same song, same cables, same listening seat. Running the app on my iPhone, it is stable as can be as well as fast and smooth and easy to understand. With the 2,which is in my secondary system,I run a very inexpensive Beresford Bushmaster mkII. Thanks to my receiver’s multitude of inputs and reasonably responsive remote control, I was soon plugging in and switching between the Bluesound Node 2i and the two other internet streamers I’ve recently reviewed here. Yes. There’s also a goodly array of audio inputs and outputs: A combo 3.5mm Toslink (optical) digital/analog stereo input, an RCA subwoofer out, and Toslink (optical) and coaxial digital outputs—convenient if you wish to use a higher-end outboard DAC. Like singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles, going for the sonic gusto with her new More Love set, snap-happy country cousin Lee Brice (Hey World) and Cat Stevens (remember him?) Most will buy the Node 2i and use the internal DAC of the unit because, well, it has one and it has a decent one. That’s a good thing. I could live with either as my full time main system streamer. Like its amplified sibling (the Powernode 2i), Bluesound’s Node2i comes on smartly with clean cabinet lines, top-mounted controls, and a convenient front headphone jack. I have been buying from Dan for almost 20 years and his knowledge and customer service are top notch. I have been building my audio system for 35 years (ongoing all of my life) and have been blessed and lucky enough to try many things from low end to high end to uber high end in the audio world. Wonder how the new Sonos Port is in comparison as it is said to have improved and richer sound over the Connect: Freelance contributor, As does the Innuos Zen Mini MKIII at $1250. As a compact music server with built-in DAC that dares to serve up the highest quality music-streaming services, this thing seems almost, you should pardon the expression, too cheap at $549 to perform all those tasks well. They are on another level but so is the price. BTW, if you do not have ethernet where you plan on placing your streamer THESE little $37 devices can bring ethernet anywhere you have an electrical outlet. I had one in my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC in the form of the Bridge II, and I loved it! A little more texture or realism? You can buy the Node 2i from Dedicated Audio HERE, just as I did. But when doing seriously focused (okay, obsessive) listening comparisons on my best rig, I was struck anew by the deeper soundstage and sharper focus; by the more dynamic, informative, and thus entertaining interplay afforded on the Russound MBX-PRE and even more so on the Node 2i. However, Bluesound has worked on improving its wireless streamer, and not just in the places you may expect.Between the releases of these two multi-room generations, Bluesound's parent company, Lenbrook, created the NAD Masters M50.2 Bl… After about 45 minutes of listening, learning and browsing the beautiful speakers he has on display in is shop I walked out with a Node 2i and was set (and excited)  to compare it to my well loved $750 modded Sonos Connect! So I have been able to save some money with my system when it comes to streaming by being happy with my old CD quality SONOS. We do not need a separate DAC to run the Node 2i but we can add one later if we feel we need or want an upgrade but for most getting started into HiFi this little streamer has all you need built in. At $549 this little piece is a slam dunk highly recommended streamer. Crazy huh? I would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations on whether it makes sense to get the Bluesound Node 2i or move to an integrated amp like to Sprout 100. The Soundstage is beautiful and wide with depth as well. The long list of specifications includes a 32-bit/192kHz DAC, … Even so, they all sound different. The Node 2i wireless streamer is part of Bluesound’s multi-room family and is, in our view, the most appealing Bluesound product on offer. I’m now passing the “sounds best” crown to the Bluesound Node 2i in this three-horse race. With the prevalence of bluetooth speakers in audio and our smartphones in imaging, most of the world go that route. Sampling rate: 32-bit/384kHz. I read your review of the PS Audio Sprout 100 and was considering buying one as it also uses the ESS Saber DAC. Bluesound also stands alone in supporting Tidal’s Masters tracks, albums encoded with MQA audio technology to deliver the quality of the original studio recordings. This makes it a great option for those looking for top-quality digital sound … Yep, buy a speaker for each bedroom and you can stream from your phone, iPad or Fire and hear music all over the house. I will not sell my Sonos as I like it but I will revisit it in a few months after having the Node 2i in my system for a while. One should not think that a $549 streamer must be bad because it doesn’t cost $2500. Throwing Airplay 2 signals to both Bluesounds (via my Wi-Fi network) has been a hit or miss thing, though, with the Node 2i sometimes dropping out for a second or three while the Powernode 2i soldiers on. ( I also have a Node N100) The 2 and 2i I run external DAC’s. Right now I am evaluating an Innuos Zenith MKIII and it is offering more transparency, and a deeper soundstage with slightly more present vocals. I get curious but not in the “I must replace this piece of gear” kind of way. I think the Bluesound 2i going into the Phantoms should be very nice as you are using the DAC of the Phantoms, which is very good. A Look at the NEW Sigma 35 and 65mm Contemporary DG DN f/2 Lenses on a Panasonic S5. When it comes to sound quality, the Bluesound Node 2i delivers an impressive performance. Considering its price versus performance and features, trying to find fault with the Node 2i … I passed on the Boss 1.2 because I wanted more refinements. I have a Node 2 connected via Toslink to my Pioneer SC81.I just noticed Bluesound updated to Node 2 to the Node 2i. The Node 2i doesn’t have an onboard microphone, but you can command Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri on other devices on the same network to trigger the Nodes with basic commands like “Alexa, ask Bluevoice to lower the volume of the den” or “Alexa, ask Bluevoice to play preset six in the theater.”. Well, I am not sure but can say there are differences in sound between the $750 modified Sonos connect (Magna HIFI) and this $549 Node 2i. Even when I had a MEGA SYSTEM here that cost more than a new Cadillac I was using the modded Sonos connect as my streamer going into an external high quality DAC. Truly. Almost HALF of that actually. Due to the beautiful BlueOS app, the design of the box itself, the fact that it is black and matches my other gear (though it also comes in white) and also plays high res music I am setting my modded Sonos to the side for a while. The usual audiophile things like soundstage, imaging, air? With state-of-the-art Bluetooth, powered by Qualcomm's aptX HD codec, the NODE 2i can easily support 24-bit streaming directly from your phone or tablet, as well as send studio-quality … In my system the Node 2i is slightly warmer and offers up a huge heap of beautiful music. Also why does my Benchmark DAC appear to sound better than the BlueSound DAC playing CD quality?? In the app one can choose which zone or system they want to play. I then recently added a benchmark dac1 pre to my node 2i. So the Node is versatile and much like the Sonos system can be used as part of a whole house system. I played some very familiar music that I use as test tracks because I know them so well, and I now how they should sound. Well, lately I have been a little curious so I decided to do some research ; ). With a cursory glance at the Node 2i’s spec sheet, nothing much appears to have changed between the models to dictate so dramatic an upturn in this generation’s sonic performance. I owned the Muso 1 for the bedroom. Neither compare to what I hear with my Rossi L2 Dac but for $549 the Node 2i was seriously starting to impress me more and more. This offers you everything but speakers and speaker cable. With the Node 2i, I was hearing a tad more bass and a tad more recessed treble (vs the Modded Sonos) but these differences were in all reality, tiny. Remember when sound purists argued that digital encodes were so chopped up and connect-the-dots fatiguing that listening could literally make you weak in the knees? Don’t get me wrong. The slight warmer emphasis in the treble vs the Sonos is nice and only analytical detail hounds will want for more. This is the third Gen streamer from Bluesound and gone are the issues that may have plagued the first generation. Oh and the Node 2i is the latest and greatest from Bluesound when it comes to their basic streamer. No blockage, no restraint. Making my coffee in the kitchen? I am not aware of any current CD players available but can suggest searching but the Node 2i is supposed to be improved so you may very well be satisfied with it. While not as detailed, separated or holographic as using a good external higher end DAC, it can get your feet tapping all on its own and depending on your level of HiFi may be the best you have ever heard, and that’s a great thing. AFTER about 100 MORE SONGS on the Node 2i. But, if you select that your DAC is MQA enabled, then volume and tone controls are automatically disabled as per MQA requirements. I’m happy as a clam in mud listening to Sonos speakers in my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Besides, I use a separate dac so any streamer SHOULD sound the same, right? I have mine set up with Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz and can stream almost any music I desire. The NODE 2i has enhanced dual-band Wi-Fi which provides best-in-class performance even in crowded airspace. All recording pros with (good) ears, attuned to finessed production and engineering efforts. Neither is “better” when it comes to what I hear, just slightly different. It flowed in a rhythmic manner and had me moving immediately but it was warmer and thicker sounding than what was coming from the Modified Sonos. The biggest improvement I noticed was an increased 3D soundstage. Constantly putting playback gear to the test, the Bluesound and Russound streamers both showed superior organizational and articulation powers. The node 2i has a burr brown dac, it is upgraded from the node 2 and sounds a lot better. You will be able to find a different sound, possible better to you if you spend 3-10X as much. The app uses a clean easy to understand interface and for me it has been free of glitches or problems. Not simply trusting first impressions, it seemed wise to do some serious comparing and contrasting. The Node 2I is good but I have replaced it with a Cambridge Audio Azur 851. The Hasselblad XCD 45mm f/4 P Lens In hand, my first thoughts! It’s just about right to these ears (though not perfect) and one of those cases where I always felt that spending more would not yield huge gains. So, if I get an MQA capable DAC, can I bypass the Cambridge DAC … I saw the quick start guide and plugged in the Node, plugged in my ethernet cable (it will also do WiFi but hard wired is recommended to avoid ever having dropouts), updated it (which was automatic using the app) and set up the app with my Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz credentials (currently evaluating all of these services and will settle on one soon). Incidentally, you'd have the 7005's same streaming options if you use the Marantz NA6006 as the streamer - unlike the BlueSound Node 2i (or the OPPO 105 using its "clunky" software), Marantz … Since the Node 2i has a Coaxial output and the N100 does not, I thought that would add less jitter to my output to the DAC as I have read other folks comment. I really enjoy your Raven Audio review and hoping they will give you another one that is $10K or less to evaluate? And really, who’s to argue, given the number of subscribers paying Spotify for its 320Kbps streams (and the millions more listening to the free 96- and 160Kbps ad-supported streams on that service). In trying to get rid of the thous and physical CDs i own so I demoed the Bluesound Vault 2i against my Theta Miles CD player (with a Krell integrated amp and Thiel speakers.) It can make a great piece for those looking for no muss, no fuss streaming without having to invest in a DAC right away. They had a flow and relaxed sound about them that presented music cleanly but with some should behind it. I have tried and heard MANY pieces of HiFi in my life so speak from experience and while my ears may differ from yours, all I am doing here is readying my experience. I do not think you need the Zen or Zenith unless you want to use Roon or rip your CD’s. I did follow your recommendation bought the $4K system. Relaxed, flows freely, slightly warm yet detailed enough to image and with healthy bass performance. CD players are sort of going away as most stream or use servers these days. I arrived home, unboxed the Node 2i which was VERY well packaged. It’s part of this hobby after all! But then the sales person said something that seems a bit … You will not find better for less. WHAT ABOUT THE INTERNAL DAC of the Node 2i? The 2i … At $1250 for a 1TB Zen III that has COAX, Optical and USB as well as a built in DAC (if you need it) I feel it is the best solution for those who want to use Roon in an easy, hassle free way. I cued up “Peninsula” from Tom Adams (Spotify) and with my Sonos the sound was rich, very full, had huge side to side soundstage, was very holographic and leaned neutral when it came to sound, not too warm, not too bright but right in the middle yet if I was listening very critically there was a slight “artificial” sound to the edges of notes. In fact, for the last six years the streamer I have used in my high end home system has been a Sonos connect, and then a modified Connect from Magna HiFi. When I “review” a product I do not talk of deep specs, but rather, I talk of the experience and what it brings to the table. Worthy of use in a HIGH END Audio System? I think a love of good music and Hi-Fi equipment is common amongst people that enjoy good cameras and photographic work. With both a Node2i and a Powernode 2i now under my roof, I’ve been happily grouping the two devices to output the same music stream with perfectly synchronized results. More in the “I wonder if that will really sound different or better to me” kind of way. But I was never a fan of the Connect DAC and have always used it with an external DAC for this reason. I was 100% thrilled with that at the time but truth be told, when I plugged my modded Sonos connect into the same DAC the sound was different,  maybe even a bit more pleasing than the streamer in the $6500 PS Audio piece. Steve, May want to try if you get a chance the Arcam Rplay. Comes in at a much lower price and sounds wonderful. It also streams high res and MQA titles from Tidal with ease (if using the built in DAC or an MQA supported DAC) and Sonos does NOT do this, it can not do this. While we know this is not always the case (sometimes it may be) some may even assume this piece is not up to standards for their system. The first of these unfolds is handled by the BluOS app and will output up to 96khz/24-bit audio. The Node 2i allows you to set up almost any streamer service you subscribe to, and then some. Some of you would not be able to tell the difference and this is a HUGE plus for the Bluesound Node 2i as for $549 it may just be the perfect streamer for many of you reading this. Something those old Linn disc spinners excelled at. Even if using the DAC inside of the Node 2i it can play beautiful music. I have the Zen power supply coming and will get to test the Phoenix Reclocker as well, soon. Now I’d argue these high- (and ultra-high) resolution streams can give both you and your sound rig a new lease on life. Goodbye Photokina? Say, by landing on a meticulously engineered, higher-bit-rate internet radio station that obsesses over every link in the chain. For sure, a Node 2i is especially responsive when you feed it the really good stuff. Really enjoy your expertise review and recommendation into the audio. That’s not the only appeal of the Node 2. When I say this I do not mean the Node 2i has a “warm thick” sound. On sound quality the Bluesound … Keep up the great work! Using ROON with it and I am really enjoying it. I kept on being reminded of my time with Linn CD players of the past. This may be THE Streamer to get under $1000. With reasonably challenging internet radio material that was easy to sync up—the 320Kbps MP3-streaming Linn Jazz channel tapped on TuneIn—the Bluesound Node 2i and Russound MBX-PRE were neck-and-neck for the lead, with Sonos trailing by a length-and-a-half. The Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers are very special. A beautiful made and designed little streamer that makes beautiful music going into any DAC or to some extent even when using the built in DAC of the unit itself. Both the Node 2i and the Powernode 2i offer similarly sleek styling, with top-mounted controls and a 3.5mm headphone jack conveniently located in front. The Leica M9P and 35 Summicron in 2020 by Dan Bar. The new Sonos Radio HD is another candidate, although it tops out at 16-bit FLAC. Thank you of your review of the Node 2i. For this reason I always describe my experience with a piece of audio gear or photo gear, and it’s how I have bene doing it here for twelve years! Steve I love the Bluesound products. Hi, I am considering buying a Node 2i specifically to get the best sound quality from Tidal MQA streams. That alone tells me how good this Node 2i is for the money (and even above it, I’d say up to $1000). Currently bypassing the Node 2i DAC via coax to my Anthem DAC until I replace the Node 2i with the Naim Uniti Nova or NAD M33. My current hifi consists of a nVidia Shield TV feeding a Benchmark DAC3 into dual mono power amps, speakers. The X1D II! I preferred rock and high energy music from the Node 2i. It’s not the most detailed but it’s pleasing. Let’s get back to this Node 2i…. Dynamic Performance. And that well-rounded aura persists, no matter what your stylistic taste, from AC/DC to Jay Z, Ambient to Zouk, Albeniz to Zappa. I am only using these devices as a streamer, bypassing the internal dac and feeing the 1’s and 0’s into my DAC where it then processes the sound and delivers it to the pre amp, amp and then my speakers. Remember that this Node 2i is $200 less expensive than the Modified Sonos. With high-quality sound and services, the Bluesound Node 2i brings 21st-century features and renewed vitality to your sound system at a rational price. If the Node 2i fits your budget, and you have an amplifier and a pair of speakers you’d be happy to pair with it, this networked media streamer will reward you greatly with fantastic sound. First track with a modded Sonos and stock Bluesound 2i. While the brand-new Sonos new S2 platform can theoretically jump higher, Sonos remains content serving Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, and its aforementioned Sonos Radio HD service at 16-bit/44.1 Hz FLAC (or less.)

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